“Son of Wind” was born from the vision of Alberto Volpato and Andrea Denver, friends since childhood who shared a passion for fashion.
Alberto, Co-Founder and Creative Director, transfers his artistic visions to the garments, searching through materials, accessories and details for the perfect combination to make them unique. He prefers a hands-on approach by hand-crafting details himself.
Andrea, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, manages the communication and brand image by utilizing his successful career in fashion and entrepreneurship. He is committed to growing the brand name in Italy and abroad, creating a global brand network. He curates the brand image through visionary campaigns and social marketing.
The passion for travel, which unites them, contaminates the collections that draw inspiration from the various landscapes, colors and cultures encountered around the world.


Freedom, wild spirit, open-minded vision, these are the words that best describe the identity of “Son Of Wind.” The brand’s imagery draws inspiration from the most evocative naturalistic settings scattered around the globe, veritable open-air temples where the observer becomes an integral part of the scenery, capturing its energies and allowing himself to be pervaded by his surroundings. A journey that from collection to collection will move to different destinations, being inspired and contaminated by what surrounds us in order to transfer visual and sensory inspirations onto the collection garments, thus transferring a soul to the product. “Son Of Wind” is a sought-after streetwear brand with a modern taste, totally made in Italy, which makes the quality of tailoring and fine materials used a strong point.

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